Posted on Jan 28, 2020

Dalrock Foundation Repair

More About Residential Foundation Repair

Missouri is another state with more foundation problems than average. Kansas City and St. Louis both have expansive clay soils and variable weather that bring about the issues.

If your basement is leaky or moist you may need basement waterproofing. Or worse, you might have bowed basement walls that will need to be fixed.

Mississippi, and Jackson in particular, also have frequent foundation issues. The soil in this area, known as Yazoo clay, weakens foundations, placing them at risk of failure.

Foundation And Slab Repairs
The volume of this soil expands when wet and shrinks when dry, sometimes by up to 38%. This drastic soil movement contributes to shifting of structures, breaking of underground pipes and other harm.

If you’ve Yazoo clay beneath your house, the key is to maintain the moisture consistent. Sometimes this may mean redirecting rainwater away from your house, other times it might mean using a soaker home to prevent the ground from drying out.

Dalrock Foundation Repair
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